Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It was a very personal journey making this piece, this warrior was with me in the darkest parts of the night and my soul and was standing by my side until the sun came out again...

This piece was part of a recent art show called "The Warrior in you is the Warrior in me", and is about the internal warrior we all have, a celebration for this conscious warrior to come out and wake up in all of us, the initial internal struggle to genuinely connect to the source again, so that we can then stand up for what we believe is right, to protect our future and the generations to come in any way we can.
To reconcile with our mother earth, we need to first acknowledge the human disconnect with the source as the main reason for the situation today, then to wake up our internal warrior to support the struggles of today, using our hearts and brilliant minds to find creative solutions, contributing each in our own way. we are also contributing in a collective mass scale interaction, so that our daily motivations in life and the reason we get up every day is to enjoy life using the gifts you were born to explore and share with the world, feeling grateful for what we have and always finding ways as a society to improve our relation with the planet by connecting ourselves closer and closer to the source, so we can feel connected again to the real web of knowledge.

 Fue un viaje muy personal hacer esta pieza, este guerrero estuvo conmigo en los momentos mas oscuros de la noche y de mi ser, y estuvo parado a un lado de mi hasta que volvio a salir el sol...

Monday, February 6, 2012

UNIVERSAL WOMAN ( 2013 installation/sculpture )